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General Information:

Welcome to Halifax County Schools' online application system for Student Enrollment (PreK-12) and Choice Applications. The information reported in this packet will become part of your child's record. Student record information will not be released to third parties or used for purposes other than routine daily and/or emergency contact needs without the knowledge or permission of parents, or legal guardians, except in accordance with the law.

Only a parent or legal guardian may apply for Halifax County Schools. Proof of Guardianship can include a birth certificate, divorce papers, Social Services paperwork, or paperwork signed by a judge awarding custody.

Remember to inform school staff of any special needs your student may have (504 Plan, IEP, special health care needs, etc.)

All applications will be checked for accuracy. Any falsification of information may result in your application not being processed and/or denied.



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Halifax County Schools Online K-12 Enrollment Information:


We would like to welcome you and your child to Halifax County Schools! Please read through the information below to identify the documents required for enrollment. Complete all forms within this online packet in order to ensure a prompt enrollment for your child. ENROLLMENT WILL NOT BE COMPLETED UNTIL ALL DOCUMENTATION IS UPLOADED VIA THE FAMILY DASHBOARD.

  • Certified Birth Certificate
    • Certifed Birth Certificate required - not issued by the hospital
    • Birth Registration Card is sufficient
  • Proof of Residency
    • Electric Bill
    • Lease Agreement
    • Rental Receipt
    • County Tax Reciept
    • Mortgage Statement
  • Immunization Records
  • NC Health Assessment Transmittal Form
    • Must be completed and signed by a licensed physician
    • By law, this must be received within 30 calendar days of enrollment.
    • You can find a copy of the form HERE.
  • Driver's License
    • Required for parent/guardian
  • Legal Documents are required if the child is not living with parents or if parent is proclaiming custodial rights
    • Court order document
    • Notarized statements are not sufficient

Halifax County Schools Pre-K Enrollment Information:

All NC Pre-K applications must be completed in its entirely before submitting it to the NC Pre-K Program. Each application will be related accordingly to the NC Pre-K guidelines. The child's birth certificate, proof of residency and proof of income is required to complete the application process. At the time of application process or enrollment into the preschool program, a state approved screening will be administered to the child to help assist in the determination of areas of strengths and needs in the child. This assessment will be repeated again near the end of the program as the child transitions out of the preschool program. This helps in providing a more current assessment to the receiving program, such as Kindergarten.

The following are required documents for all NC Pre-K Students:

  • Policy Statement
    • Parents must read and sign a statement that they will abide by the policies outlined in the handbook
  • Birth Certificate
  • Immunization Records
    • Parents are required to provide current immunization shot records. NC Child Care Laws require that immunization shot records are up-to-date. All parents are asked to update their child's file as needed
  • Health Assessment
    • A health assessment is required to be on file at the NC Pre-K site within 30 days after the child enters the NC Pre-K Program. The health assessment has to be conducted within 12 months of the program entry. The health assessment includes: a physical exam, updated immunization shot, vision, hearing and dental screenings. This all can be done by the child's pedestrian/doctor. You can find a copy of the NC Health Assessment Transmittal Form HERE.
  • Developmental Screening
    • All children that are enrolled in the NC Pre-K Program must receive a developmental screening upon entering the program, unless the child has an existing Individual Education Program/Plan {IEP). The program will use an approved screening instrument outlined by the state. Children must be screened within 90 days after the first day of attendance in the program or within 6 months prior to the first day of attendance. The NC Pre-K program requires that screening be used solely for the purpose of identifying a child who could be referred for further evaluation and testing based on concerns in one or more development domains.
  • NC Pre-K Child Form
    • This form has to be completed at the time of the NC Pre-K application process
  • Proof of Address
  • Proof of Income
  • Other Halifax County Schools "school" forms will need to be completed in order to have a completed application. As Halifax County Schools policies may change or personal family needs arise, more forms/information may be necessary to fill out.

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